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Mildz Technologies offers a full range of software for commercial fleet tracking and mobile asset management. Many people across the world have started using GPS system for personal use. A personal GPS system can be used for both, tracking and navigating purpose. Irrespective of whether you have installed a passive tracker or real-time tracker, it can prove immensely helpful in tracking the location of a vehicle or a person. If you are a parent and constantly concerned about the whereabouts of your children, you should definitely consider installing a GPS personal tracker system. With this system, you can easily monitor the location of your children by knowing where their car is at a given point of time.

It is a known fact that the young, inexperienced drivers are often at risk. Also, teenage drivers are more likely to take unnecessary risks and drive at a high speed. If you too have a teenage kid, using a GPS personal tracking system will be a wise option for you. This tracking system can monitor the speed limit of the vehicle, thereby helping you find out whether or not your children obey the driving rules. Thus, GPS personal tracking system can be very important to ensure the safety of your children. A personal GPS tracker will be very useful for you if any of your family members is suffering from Alzheimer disease. A person suffering from Alzheimer disease tends to have a very weak memory and so, to ensure that person does not get lost, you can consider using a personal GPS tracker.

Why Personal Tracking System ?

  • Imagine you are sitting at your home and worrying about your old parents who are out for the evening walk.

  • Imagine your pets or children are out for playing in garden and you are not having sufficient time to watch them every time.

  • Something happens to them as accident, or not feeling well etc. which you will not know for a long time as they are not able to contact you in emergency.

  • Everyday is the same situation as you are not with them everyday to take care of them.

  • Now Imagine they have Personal tracker with them. You are relaxed at your home doing your work.

  • Get emergency alerts like Panic button, Geo Fence out, Ideal time, Going away from geo fence etc. Which will help you to stop worrying about them.

Benefits of Personal Tracking System :

  • Stop worrying.

  • Real time tracking

  • Location history

  • Geofence Notification

  • SOS button emergency

  • Plan decisions based on real time data

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